Thursday, 13 March 2014


Hello to all my readers, and supporters!

This is going to be a big update, spread over a few blog posts... There are a few reasons to why I haven't posted anything for 6 months, and why there hasn't been a paper newsletter...

Firstly, the first year of marriage is a hard one! However much people say that nothing will change when you get married, it does, it will, and it will keep changing... so I have taken a break to settle into this new life... I feel bad as there are many people neither of us have spoken to since the wedding or the blessing, or even published pictures for people to see... and it's not that we don't like you, it's just a lot to take in. I think the first year of marriage is the hardest because you have to make changes for the other person. I don't agree with people who say that they won't change or can't change... change is hard, but any marriage to work, both parties must be willing to change and adapt... and TALK! Next weekend is our 1 Year Anniversary, very exciting times.

From our Official Wedding Album
Secondly, so much has happened in the ministry, we have seen growth, and some of the youth going deeper in their faith. This term we started Youth Alpha, (for those who haven't heard of it , it's the Alpha Course for young people. If you haven't heard of Alpha, google it!) and also I created a small team of young leaders. There are many potential leaders in this group, but I needed to start with a few, and I have invested a lot of time to them too... So when I have had time off and holiday, time I would usualy spend blogging, or writing a newsletter, I have been spending time with my wife, and sleeping, and switching off with Netflix (Something which I have given up for lent, in order to spend more time blogging, reading the bible and talking to my wife...brownie points have come in their hundreds this month).

From our Youth Alpha Course we are currently in the middle of. 
So over the next few week I will be updating you all on what has been going on this year, the first Youth retreat in October last year, young leadership, Youth Alpha, the Youth Alpha away day where God met us and worked in my tiredness and weakness, the agreed extension to my time at Fishers Creek, our future plans (including Annie's exceptance for ordination in Sweden's free church, Equmeniakyrkan), and how you can help in prayer and financially). plus much more which all a little mushed in my head right now.

2 of the youth at the our Youth Alpha Weekend away! 
I will also be interspersing a few theological posts, using some of my sermons that I have been pretty happy with, and some of the teaching that I have been through with the youth, and the journey God has taken us all on. Last term we spent some a few months discussing mask's that we wear, either we choose them, or we don't realise we are wearing them and how finding our identity in Christ can help these masks crumble and that we can be way more true to ourselves that we ever though possible.

This is going to be fun, and good to reflect back on a very busy but fruitful year of ministry so far... not that I am bragging, just grateful for the position God has got me in, and the work He is using me in. It is all for His glory!

Over and out,

The Captain