Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wedged between eras!

Ok, so my boxes were picked up today, eventually after the first attempt from the couriers allowed them one look at the amount of boxes, and they realised they didn't have the space for them to fit in the van. Even thought they knew what they were picking up... anyway, after a lot of waiting my possessions are on their way to Sweden and I will be meeting them there on Monday.

It has been a pretty weird process of leaving, different emotions, and different feelings. Excitement, doubt (yes but as we know doubt is simply a way to challenge and be more sure than before), anxiety, nervousness, fear, extreme happiness and also sadness at leaving so many people behind who have been a huge part of my life for the last 2 years. (Sounds like I should be checking myself for bipolar...) But finishing equip has literally felt like the end of an era, and being in Sweden will be the start of a new era... so i'm kind of in-between era's at the moment and I don't know what to call that...

Whatever you call it I am wedged there, and the only thing that can un-wedge me will be the bump when I land at Gothenburg City Airport next monday morning! Then it will be the start of the new dual-linguistic era with lots of Fika breaks and if Annie has her way.. walks! I love walking, but I just don't think I appreciate it as much as Annie does. For me it's more the company than the activity. So I guess that is something in the new era.

I know this weird feeling will go once I am there, so I am going to cut myself a break. Someone told me recently that I am experiencing change in the 4 most stressful areas in life. So of course I going to feel out of place. But I do know that the one thing that is getting me through, apart from the fact I will be near to my wonderful fiancee once and for all, but that God has been the unchanging constant through the whole process. He went before me during the whole process and He continues to do so, being faithful as ever. The fact it has all come together so nicely can only be credit to Gods blessing on this whole move.

My next blog will be from Sweden next week, so stay tuned for that one!!