Friday, 6 September 2013

The mystery of Liquorice.

This is just a short blog post to rant about liquorice and Swedish people.

Yes I am generalising, but all Swedish people LOVE liquorice, and its disgusting. I am trying to like it, keep and open mind about it and go back to eat it, but I still cant.

What is worse is that they add SALT to it. It's enough that the sweet itself makes you sick, but to then add salt, its just not right. Above is a picture of me trying some of my colleagues liquorice...

I just picked up some sweets, and Swedes do sweets well, but they mix the liquorice in with the normal sweets. I feel like I should try, make an effort to accept this part of the Swedish culture. Really embrace their odd ways of life, and I will really try. Running long distances, skiing down steep slopes, having coffee instead of blood running through my veins, eating lots of dairy, and cycling on the right is all fine... but this one will take some getting used to.

Anyway, for those of my supporters who read, my next newsletter is about to be released. If you are new to this blog, and would like a copy, please email me, and I will add you to the mailing list. Its a bumper issue with a review of my first year on mission. Hope you are as excited as this dog...