Thursday, 20 September 2012

I'm in the paper...

Well hello supporters, followers and anyone else who happens to fall upon this page. It is exactly 1 month since I have moved to Sweden and it has been fantastic, interesting, slightly stressful, trying, wet, windy, sunny, and brilliant. I have been through illnesses which have been nothing but aggravating when 3 days in I was diagnosed with pneumonia (a consultation that cost me £30 as I wasn't registered in Sweden) and given a second dose of antibiotics in less than a week. The first lot was for a bowel infection, those at Soul Survivor with me would have seen the affects of that. Now I am nearly fully recovered, and already stuck into this wonderful job, and using my spare time to protest against a huge injustice!

Ok, so that sounds a little general, but the protesting did happen. It was about 2 Iranian woman who were being refused asylum and being sent back to Iran. They had become Christians during their stay here and were to face the death penalty because of the conversion. I was told that the migrations board had not believed their story, but apparently this was due to poor interpretations. The protest was started by their Pastor who baptized them and could vouch for their faith. So the demonstration was to stop them being put on the plane and to buy more time to give them a fair hearing. And we were successful. We handed out letters to anyone on the same flight as them, asking them to stand up and refuse to be on the same flight as these women. Lufthansa were notified about this before the flight and had refused to carry them. However to be sure, their pastor got on the same flight and saw the rest of the passengers standing up, as asked in protest of the injustice. Makes my heart just warm up hearing about this event.

The women were taken to Franfurt another way, but when they got there they were brought back to Sweden and are waiting for the next step. Please pray for them, we are doing all we can, but I believe that prayer works and is powerful and effective!

I am planning a newsletter soon, as so much has happened already and I have been very busy (hence the lack of blogs). Thank you for your prayers for me and for the ministry I am involved in! Within 3 weeks I have got my person number (normally takes 1 month) and my residents permit (normally 2 months), so thank you!

Over and out,