Sunday, 13 March 2011

The start of a new blog...a new career...a new calling...


So, here it is, after 6 months into the new career I have finally gotten around to writing my first blog to along with my news letter (issue 1 i will post here).

What can you expect to read here, I hear you ask? Well there have been some brilliant moments so far, some trying moments, and many moments where God has really come through for us, and each time, completely exceeded our expectations. There have been healings, times when God has provided in abundance and times when lives have literally been transformed after God has intervened. I tend to use this blog to reflect on things I have seen, worked on and experienced. There will be however things that I can't talk about, things that are confidential that would be a breach of my contract to talk about. So be assured that everything I talk about comes isn't a secret.

I also intend to write on theological reflections, similar to my previous blog Writings of a recently born-again christian. I am studying Contextual Theology at St Paul's Theological Centre in London, so will have many reflections as I go on this journey with God that will broaden my understanding of His word, in the internationally renouned book, The Bible. The best book I own.

So hopefully this is enough of a reason to follow the blog. I would also appreciate your thoughts, and if there are any other youth works, youth pastors, and youth leaders out there, I would love to hear from you. We are working on the front line here when we work with young people, and helping to steer them in the right direction. So we must support each other in prayer and encouragement!

God bless,